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“Not as bad as people say” – Tbdress Reviews

Rating 10/10Tbdress Reviews is a zone which supply tbdress reviews and complaints from tbdress customer.

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“I’ve made three purchases from Tbdress…the dresses are made with exceptional detail and quality. There is no upscale store that I can go to, to purchase a dress such as the one I purchased from tbdress and pay the same that I paid on the tbdress site. It’s phenomenal totally! Now, I want to order all of my specialty wear from tbdress! Hurry and select your new dress…it will arrive very soon!”

“I bought my wedding dress on tbdress, it was fit perfectly and the material feel so solf. Just look like in the picture. Highly recommend to everyone!”

“Truly happy with the service. I’ve ordered many items from tbdress and have been satisfied totally. “

“We were delighted with the dress we ordered from tbdress – it was beautiful, reasonably priced, and arrived in plenty of time prior to the event. We chose the custom fit option, provided measurements, and the gown fit great. We will definitely order again!”

“spedizione ricevuta nei tempi previsti , qualità molto buona “

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“Stunning and very pleased!” – Tbdress Reviews

The following are some tbdress reviews from sitejabber, which are made by real people, every review describe some promblems about tbdress.
Check sizing chart and you will be fine!”

You have to understand from the get go when ordering from ROMWE that it is going to take longer to ship than you’re probably used to. Allow about 2-3 weeks for processing and shipment so you have a realistic expectation of a time frame for receiving your items. Always check the size chart for each individual item, and just like any other store still expect some things not to fit properly, but they do accept returns so it really isn’t an issue. Also when puchasing take the price of the items into consideration, you aren’t going to be getting super high quality, but the quality is ok to good. Somewhere along the lines of forever21 and h&m. I have made several purchasea from ROMWE and been very happy. If you set your expectations correctly you will have a good experience as well.

“amazing experience”

I am really happy to purchase product from it is really good experience from me. Their client administration was truly noteworthy.

“Great Experience”

I ordered a shirt from here for my sister’s birthday (which I left a bit to the last minute hah) – but it came very quickly and I used the free shipping option. The shirt itself was much higher quality than what I have bought from other places online before – and my sister absolutely love it! All in all a great experience and I will probably be back for more.

“Beautiful gown just as described”

Thank you so much this dress is great quality just beautiful!!!!!!!!

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its good and 4 star from me – TBdress Reviews

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I saw an ad for a sexy little black dress that I loved. I clicked into it and it took me to the tbdress website. I hate ordering from places I’m not familiar with but the dress was only 11.67 so I looked up some reviews for this site. There were a lot of negative reviews but there were also a few good ones so I told myself, “It’s only 16.65 with shipping. I’ll try it once and if I have any problems I’ll never order from there again.” I ordered it on October 1st and received it October 9th. I opened it right away half expecting $#*!ty material or a messed up zipper. It was not any of that. The material I loved and the stitching was perfect and the zipper worked great! I tried it on and it fit me perfectly and looked freggin awesome on! I can’t WAIT to wear this for New Years!! Yea!! I still can’t believe what I got for that price!!!!!! :) !!!! Thanks to tbdress!!!!!!


I ordered a shirt from here for my sister’s birthday (which I left a bit to the last minute hah) – but it came very quickly and I used the free shipping option. The shirt itself was much higher quality than what I have bought from other places online before – and my sister absolutely love it! All in all a great experience and I will probably be back for more


Fantastic selection of clothes, something for everyone I’d say. It was very user-friendly and the ordering process was simple. My dress arrived promptly and is of good quality and fit.

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Great customer service. Nice dress – Tbdress Reviews

Tbdress is a global store which sells wedding dresses, special accasion dresses and women clothing, men’s clothing, The following is a tbdress review which complain something about tbdress, you can check!

UPDATE: After posting the review below with 3 stars, I was contacted immediately by Customer Services offering a full refund. This was more than was necessary; I was happy for them to just cover the cost of the alteration, as I do really like the dress. Tbdress have therefore agreed to pay the alteration fee. They also followed up with a phone call. This seems like a company who really want their customers to be happy. I will order again.

I’ll start with the good points. The dress was made within a day and delivered within the week which far exceeded expectations. I paid for a custom fit, and in general the dress fits, although it is too big on the bust (see bad points). I do intend to keep and wear the dress once altered. The quality of the dress is generally good and it is fully lined. Also the customer service team were great at addressing my questions and concerns before purchase.

The negative points… The dress is too big on the bust. It does actually fit at the widest point where I took the measurement but then it flares out towards the armpits and will need taking in. The ‘cups’ also extend up too high as though catering for a much larger cup size. I hope this will be easy to alter.

Other things to be aware of: people have mentioned the import VAT costs. I wasn’t aware of them when ordering but feel this is my own fault and that I should have known this so I am not holding this against the company! What you should know though is that DHL put a £7 admin charge on top of the VAT as their handling fee (DHL pay the customs VAT charge on your behalf, then contact you to reclaim it, for which they charge this fee). So, a £57 dress, plus £17 custom fit fee, plus £17 delivery charge, plus £22 import tax including admin fee, ends up as quite a pricy dress. None of this is a reflection on JJsHouse, but something to be aware of.

In summary, I am glad I bought the dress as I couldn’t find a bridesmaid dress for the wedding. The custom fit is not quite right but I think can be altered. The turnaround time was brilliant, the quality good, and the price overall comparable to the high street.

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