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Of course, we’d all love to have a major beauty stash, but sometimes we just don’t have all of those cool tools at our disposal. When you’re in need of a quick beauty fix, here TBdress Reviews is very glad to share 2 tips to get you through!
1. A Lasting Smoky Eye
When you want that perfect smoky eye, you don’t have to spend lots of money on the perfect eyeliner or smudging tools. Although a smudge applicator is helpful, you can get the perfect smoky eye by simply heating up your eye pencil. You can hold the eye pencil over a candle, but since I don’t typically light candles at six in the morning before work, I usually just hold the pencil close to my Chi. The heat will melt the liner, making the eye pencil go on extremely smooth. *Note: Do not hold pencil directly next to the Chi iron plate. Hold it close to the Chi for about three seconds.
2. The Perfect, Smudge-Free Mani
When you’re all out of Quick Dry, or if you just don’t care to spend the money on it, skip it completely! Instead, let your nails air dry for about two to three minutes. Next, submerge nails in icy water for about three minutes.
3. A Wrinkle and Acne Free Face
Can’t afford expensive wrinkle creams? Retinoid creams actually help to smooth wrinkles and get rid of zits overnight!
4. Well-Groomed Cuticles…
If you don’t regularly get a manicure or have a cuticle pusher in your beauty stash, simply use a warm washcloth to push back your cuticles. I like to let my nails soak in hot water first.

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