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“I am so pleased with my wedding dress and accessories that i brought from tbdress…it made my wedding the best and memorable ever..i loved my outfit..i faced a small issue though..when i contacted tbdress¬†for the invoice i got invoice for the original product worth but during shipping the amount given in the courier was much lesser and hence because of the difference i ended up paying lot of tax..it would be really good if u can share the worth and a receipt with that amount so that the tax would reduce drastically. Overall i had a very good experience as it was the first time i ordered from a different country. ”

“I don’t have any other words for this dress other then it’s perfect. Thank you so much service was fast it only took 3 weeks to get to Ierland. I also had to change the size of the dress the day after ordering and it wasn’t a problem at all ! ”

“I ordered my dress custom worried that it may not arrive in time for the Aviation Brigade Ball as my Husband only gave me a few weeks notice. The alterations were made quickly and shipping was quick. I received my dress with a week to spare. It was a hit , I received compliments on it all night long.”

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