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“Like a lot of people I was wary of buying online as there are plenty horror stories around – however I took my time, got the fabric sampler book sent to me – definitely recommended – and asked lots and lots of questions about numerous dresses! I loved this particular dress from the very beginning but considered so many before taking the plunge!!! I could not have been more delighted with the results – I got mine custom made and it fitted perfectly. I was so happy with both the dress and service from Tbdress that I then went onto order my bridesmaids dress as well – it was just as gorgeous! I was able to track my order as the dress was being made and then it’s current location as the courier transported it here! Yes it did arrive in a tiny cardboard box but a few days hanging up all folds and creases were removed!! Thankyou Tbdress you gave me a lovely dress at a price I could afford.
If ordering just remember there is UK customs charges to pay before the courier will deliver!”

The dress is great! I was so nervous to buy a dress online for an upcoming wedding. When the bride picked these I thought it was going to be mess but I could not be happier. I just had a baby and wasn’t sure what size so I wanted to be able to try dresses on before I bought them however she really wanted this dress. So after the other girls got their dresses I finally bit the bullet and ordered mine. I did not have a tape to measure myself so I used my husband’s measuring tape. I used the chart and found my size. When the dress quickly came I was so worried about trying it on and it not fitting but it fit perfectly. The quality is better than other dresses found in main stream bridal shops. I would order again and suggest it to anyone.”

“This dress is amazing! I am a bigger gal (size 22) and this dress looks good on me. Very figure flattering! And I received it in a week! UNBELIEVABLE!! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone and would use them again…actually I already have!! Thank you Tbdress!!”

“I ordered a custom fit dress and it was no where near what I paid for. The boobs were comically too high, the length was 5 inches too short and the waist and arms had so much extra room it was ridiculous. When I contacted the seller I was told they made it in a size 12 as requested (the size 12 measurements are no where close to what I wear) and to take it to a local tailor to have it corrected. Tailors can do amazing things but they can’t grow fabric.
UPDATE: After leaving a review on this site and two other sites regarding my first dress I was contacted by another representative, Selinda, offering to help resolve my dilemma. She was very helpful and because I had the time I was willing to have them make another dress with my custom measurements rather than get a refund. The second dress was perfect and Selinda was there through the entire process. It fit just as promised and they offered me a discount on future purchases due to any inconvenience. Not many businesses can redeem themselves in this way but I would definitely go back to them because of the customer service Selinda provided.”

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